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Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Edward D. Williams Immediate Past Chairman of the National Dental Association

Dr. Edward D. Williams

Dentist and Owner, Dental Care & Dental Implant Center, President and Chief Executive Officer, Williams Research Group, Past Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, WIPSS Products, Inc.

He is the immediate past Chairman of the National Dental Association. Executive Committee of the New Era Dental Society. Oral Health Industries Partnership of PA. Drive Program Advisory Board

FOR DENTAL IMPLANT EXCELLENCE WHEN EXPERIENCE COUNTS. Dr. Williams graduating from Temple University School of dentistry has practiced the skills of this fine profession for over thirty years. Developing new techniques and research in the specializing fields of implantology, jaw joint pathology, headaches and facial pain, and brain concussion, he also invented and patented the widely used and user friendly WIPSS jaw joint protector for sports. Dr. Williams has lectured Nationally and Internationally on "The Prevention of Jaw Joint Injuries and Concussions" in Contact Sports.


Dr. Edward D. Williams

Staff Members

Janice - Front Desk Administrator

Enid - Dental Assistant

Jasdeep - Dental Advisor

Chris - Dental Assistant

Chloe - Office Clerk

Proudest Accomplishments

The proud father of three children;

  • Eric Williams DMD, son, general dentist
  • Kellyn Hodges DMD, daughter, orthodontist
  • Dawn Jones DVM, daughter, veterinarian
  • Erick Hodges DMD, son-in-law, endodontist.
  • Charles Jones DVM, son-in-law, veterinarian
  • Nisha Williams RN, daughter-in-law, registered nurse.

Representative Accomplishments

Dr. Williams developed a cost effective transcranial radiographic technique that yields sharp, accurate and diagnostic images of the jaw joint or temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) and related structures. He has conducted extensive studies of this jaw joint area on many sports professionals including Muhammad Ali, Thomas Hearns, and Reggie White and other participants of contact sports such as boxing, football, martial arts, volleyball, soccer and rugby. His findings from these clinical and radiographic studies resulted in his invention and patenting of the Williams Intra-oral Protective Sports System (WIPSS)

A mechanism of brain injury, never identified or studied, is caused by impacts to the head, more specifically the lower jaw mandible. The energy or forces from these impacts are further accelerated by causing the bones of the lower jaw condyle to slam onto the thin temporal bone at the base of the skull norma basalis. These combined and accelerated impact energies are transferred directly through the jaw joint space to the temporal lobe of the brain. The temporal lobe of the brain rest upon the temporal bone of the jaw joint complex or norma basalis. This overlooked and misunderstood mechanism of injury is responsible for many temporal mandibular injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and brain concussions.

The patented WIPSS appliance worn in the mouth enhances breathing while locking the lower jaw in a down and forward positions. Upon impact to the head or lower jaw, the locked, down and forward positioning of the lower jaw created when wearing WIPSS prevents the condyle of the mandible from slamming against the base of the skull or norma basalis. The WIPSS appliance also transfers this explosive head impact energy away from the jaw joint area to the appliance and teeth. These structures are better equipped to dissipate these energies or forces than the delicate tissue of the brain. Clinical testing and other studies have shown that this uniquely designed product (WIPSS) prevents TMJ injuries and brain concussions from many head and lower jaw impacts that are common to sports.

Patents and Inventions

As an inventor, he has authored and owns three U.S. patents and a number of international patents. The U.S patents are as follows:

  • U.S. Patent # 4,810,192 Two Stage Intra-Oral Protective System;
  • Co-inventor U.S. Patent # 5,336,187 Automatic Cover Disposable Syringe;

U.S. Patent # 5,636,379 Jaw-Joint Protective Device.


Dr. Williams has published his radiographic findings as they relate to temporal mandibular joint injuries, brain concussions and other head related injuries in the following text:

  • Medical Aspects of Boxing,
  • Head and Neck Injuries in Sports2,
  • And the most recent publication Ringside Physicians Certification Manual3 (attachment).

He has also published in a number of sports magazines, brochures, pamphlets, journals and others.

Dr. Williams frequently addresses medical, dental and sports organizations, presenting his radiographic findings and information on facial, head, jaw joint pathology and brain concussions. Such organizations include the following which is a partial listing:

  • Canadian Boxing Federation
  • Canadian Hockey Association
  • International Boxing Federation
  • Pop Warner Football Association
  • Football Mega Clinics
  • U.S. Naval Academy
  • National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE)
  • Pennsylvania Athletic Commission
  • New York Medical Commission
  • National Dental Association
  • Wayne State University
  • Temple University College of Dentistry
  • University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
  • Meherry College of Dentistry
  • American Society of Dentistry for Children
  • The American Association of Sports Dentistry,
  • National Symposium on Head and Neck Injury in Sports by ASTM
  • National Symposium on Safety in Football by ASTM
  • Philadelphia Orthopedic Society For Sports Medicine
  • World Boxing Union (WBU)
  • World Boxing Association (WBA)
  • International Boxing Federation (IBF)
  • World Boxing Commission (WBC)
  • AIBA Armature International Boxing Association
  • AIBA International Medical Commission
  • USAARL Army Research Department
  • United States Marine Corp.
  • Kickboxing Federation
  • Pennsylvania Sports Commission
  • National Soccer Coaches Association of America


Dr. Williams received his Bachelor of Science Degree, B.S. in 1966 from Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio.

He received his Doctorate of Dental Medicine Degree, D.M.D. in1972 from Temple University College of Dentistry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Past Board memberships include: Fordham Page Holistic Clinic, Radnor, Pa., the Ogontz Ave. Revitalization Corporation, the Dental Plan Insurance Committee, Philadelphia, Benecare Insurance Committee, Philadelphia.

In 1994 Governor Robert Casey nominated Dr. Williams for the Pennsylvania Board of Dental Examiners. He has served as president of the New Era Dental Society of Northeastern Pennsylvania. He has served as task group chairman of the Headgear Committee on jaw joint protection for the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM). He was appointed to the Medical Advisory Committee for the World Boxing Association. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the National Dental Association (NDA) and serves on the site selection committee of the NDA. Currently serving as Chairman of Task Group Committee on Compliance 2004 for the NDA.


The Academy of General Dentistry - American Society of Testing and Materials

American Dental Association - International College of Applied Nutrition

United States Dental Institute - American Cancer Society

American Academy of Oral Medicine - Temple University School of Dentistry Alumni Society

National Acupuncture Research Society - New Era Dental Society

NAUI Certification - The Holistic Dental Association (Charter Member)

Member U.S. Power Squadron - Commodore North Star Yacht Club


1. C.R.C. Publications, Boca Raton, Florida, in 1990

2. ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) STP 1229 Publication Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3. UnitedStates Amateur Boxing, Inc. Commissioned by the US Olympic Committee

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